The Dirty Dozen Business Plan Mistakes

How To Ruin A Business Plan In 12 Easy Lessons You are writing a business plan because you want to achieve something. You want to get a loan. You are applying for a grant. You are looking for investors. You want to buy a business. You want to sell a business In any business plan […]

What is the Purpose of Your Business Plan?

Once they get past “writer’s block“, most people just start writing their business plan. Bad mistake…of the twelve things to avoid in a business plan, that is one of the first types of common errors. Before you write a word, ask yourself this one question: “What’s the point of my business plan?” If your purpose […]

My Competition Won’t be a Big Problem

Competition is almost always an issue with every business. You want your customers to spend their money with you rather than with your competition. Don’t dismiss your competitors. Unless you really do “know it all”, you have to do your market research to write a good business plan. Check out the competition. What’s their niche? […]