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    We Write Business Plans
    that get APPROVED!

    We write clear and concise business plans to show the reviewer that your new
    venture is well thought out, competitive and likely to succeed, in short —
    that the plan gets approved.
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Business plans that actually get approved

Your business plan is probably the most important document you ever prepare for your success. In fact, you should have a business plan before you even start your business. A good plan is the difference between success and failure.

Immigration Plans

Industry-Specific Plans

"My previous clients got their conditional Permanent Residence
card as a family. Thanks to your professionally done, well-written,
great business plan."

Filiz Tumer chose Sharp Business Plans to help his client write their business plan.
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We Actually Give A Sh*t

Just about every business today will tell you that they “care about their clients” and
that they “provide superior customer service”. We could tell you the same thing.
Would you believe it? Me neither. So, let’s tell you where we’re coming from.

~ Barry Sharp, CEO

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Our conversations are free-wheeling, but revolve around solving the problems that
small business owners have with creating actionable business plans

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