Business Planning Process

Step 1. Let’s Chat

First, we chat. You tell us about your business idea and your goals. This Free, no-cost, no-obligation review is the foundation of the overall vision and strategy for your business plan. The business plan has to work for you. If we think that the business plan will not get you what you want, we won’t write it. We’re in business to make you money, not take your money.

Step 2. Plan & Organize The Work

Next, we have an in-depth discussion about the business. We share ideas and marketing plans, uncovering issues and coming up with solutions.

We’ll create a business model for your review. The review process may cycle back and forth several times between you, and the rest of our team, until we’re satisfied and ready to write.

These discussions take place face-to-face, via email, phone or Skype© — or a combination of all four.

Step 3. Get Writing

We roll up our sleeves and begin writing the first draft of your business plan and preparing its unique financial model. We will address any issues or questions that come up as we write the plan. When the first draft is finished, we send it to you for review and feedback.

Step 4. Revise, Revise…Until It’s Right

To get it right, one, two, three, or more drafts may be needed to fine-tune your business plan and financial model. With each revision, we get closer to the end result — a customized and compelling business plan for you to share with lenders and investors.

Step 5. Final Documentation

Your final copy of your business plan and financial model will be shared with you. Unlocked electronic copies of all documents are also provided so you can adjust your plan and financial model as your business grows.

The plan isn’t complete until both you and our team are satisfied with its content and quality, and we are convinced that it gives your new venture the best possible chance to obtain financing.