5 Small Business Owner New Year’s Resolutions

With one sleep to go until we reach 2013, now is the time to reflect upon 2012; experiences, professionally and personally, and your small business growth. This magical time of year often reignites passion and hardworking ability back into people with the desire to go further, achieve greater millstones, boost profits and overall become a better small business success story.

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to set you and your small business up for an impressive 2013.

1. Hold a pep talk team meeting

With the advantage of a New Year, gather your team of employees and discuss growth and vision for the new year. Share with them where you see your small business going, and how they can help the business to go there. Now is the time to rally support and nurture your team.

2. Practice patience

Now that you’ve hit the ground running, be patient. You may find yourself expecting huge profit growth and new clientele within the first week of your New Year marketing campaign or the launching of your company website. Remember, everyone is in the same boat as you right now; eager and motivated. Continue to work hard at your New Year’s efforts and watch your goals come true.

3. Don’t forget to measure

With your resolutions and goals set up, schedule personal time to reflect on your small business growth, your employee team and your brand. Set up a schedule to measure your goals to ensure that you are keeping on the right track.

4. Attend a skills conference

Stop saying that you’ll go to a small business conference, seminar or trade show and just go. Purchase tickets (beneficial if you can bring your employees too) and make a day of it. You’ll be surprised by the amount of knowledge that can be learned and the networks you’ll build.

5. Recharge your batteries

This year, create “you time”. Whether it’s a walk on the beach, a spa day or a morning off, do something that benefits your overall health. It will pay off in the long run, guaranteed.