Intra-Company Transfers for Canadian Business Immigration

The intra-company transfer program allows foreign companies to transfer high-level workers to Canada on a temporary basis, in order to help the business establish itself in the Canadian market, and strengthen the Canadian economy.

Through the intra-company transfer program, management staff, executives, and technical staff of a foreign company may be able to obtain a Canadian work permit for up to three years without HRSDC or Service Canada Confirmation. A work permit obtained via an intra-company transfer can usually be extended for up to seven years (including the initial time). Setting up an intra-company transfer is a relatively simple process – the company must first set up a Canadian division. Company stakeholders also need to be able to demonstrate that the business is a realistic venture, and a reasonably sound investment for the Canadian market.

A strong business plan is the best method for meeting this criteria.

If your client has an existing business in their country of residence and that business can be managed remotely from Canada, they are prime candidates for an intra-company transfer. Successful applications often receive approval within a few months.

The applicant must have been employed by the foreign company for at least a year.

We have helped many clients from all over the globe utilize the intra-company transfer program for successful immigration to Canada including citizens of India, the UAE, Iran, Singapore, China, and Australia. 

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