Business Plan Marketing Strategy

It is vital for every business to develop a marketing strategy in their business plan. If you don’t have a strategy (a plan) you won’t have a focus, and without focus, your efforts to attract customers will probably not be efficient or effective.

Your strategy should make sure that your products and services meet the needs of your customers and that you develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with those customers.

The purpose of your marketing strategy should be to profile your customer, identify their needs, work out why they should buy from you, and how you are going to let them know about your business. You can then create a marketing strategy that makes the most of your strengths and matches them to the needs of the customers you want to target.

Here is an example of part of the marketing strategy for a business consulting firm that specializes in preparing business plans:

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are people who want to start or expand a business. They have a good idea of the type of business they want and where it is to be located. They know that they need a business plan to turn the business from a dream into reality.

What Do Our Customers Want?


Our customers want a business plan that works for them on many different levels.

First and foremost, most of our clients are looking for financing, so they really need:

  • Justification for external financing
    • Term Loan
    • Operating Loan (Line of Credit)
    • Equity (Investor)
    • Exit Strategy (For Investors)
    • Lease Financing
    • Factoring (Receivables Financing)
    Income statements that make sense and show the profitability of the business
  • Cash flow forecasts that show how much cash the business will need and when
  • Balance sheets that show their assets and liabilities
  • Start-up cost analysis
  • Market Research
  • Risk Analysis (What are the risks and how to mitigate them)
  • Marketing Plan (How are people going to find out about the product)
  • Objectives/Milestones (What needs to be done and when)


  • Good Value
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Friendliness
  • Creativity
  • Assurance
  • Integrity

Why are we the best choice for our customers?

  • Professional Accountants
  • Business Plan Experts
  • 40+ Years of Small Business Experience
  • Large Business Methodologies
  • Marketing Experts (You’re reading this)
  • Excellent Market Research
  • Great Writing Skills
  • Very Satisfied Clients
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

We specialize in custom building business plans for people who want to start businesses and companies that want to expand. We have worked with businesses from all over Canada, the United States, and across the globe. Don’t let geography get in the way of you getting a business plan that works for you.

Contact us through our website, or call us at +1 (800) 661-9842 and let’s get started on making you a successful business.