Industry-Specific Plans

Your business is unique. Every business is unique and needs its own custom designed business plan. The important word here is “custom.” Most business plan writers use a template and cut and paste or they use a fill-in-the-blanks software program.

Each of our business plans is custom tailored specifically for YOUR business. We’ve been writing business plans for over 40 years and we’ve written hundreds of different business plans. We can’t be experts on every industry, but we’ve written so many business plans for companies in certain industries, that we are now experts in those industries.

We are also experts in the style and official requirements of many different types of business plans and financial models, including:

  • Business plans written for bank financing and investors
  • Plans for immigration purposes, such as PNP, SUV, ICT
  • Grant proposals

We know the jargon and speak the language of the industry and more importantly, we know the metrics that should be used to ensure that the business makes sense AND is profitable. All of our business plans are well researched and well written.

Each Sharp Business Plan is designed for a specific audience and we assume that the reader knows something about the industry that the business will be operating in. We design our business plans to answer the questions that the audience has about the business. “Do they understand this industry?” “Will their business work?” and most importantly if the audience is a banker, lender or investor “Will I get my investment back and make money on it?”