Using Twitter for Profit

On Tuesday, I gave a seminar on “How to Increase Your Profits” to about 120 members of the Professional Golfers’ Association of BC. These are the people who help to run the “golf” business. They operate the golf courses, pro shops, golf teaching schools, driving ranges etc. Like all small businesses, they were very interested […]

The Pow of Wow!

Sorry about the title πŸ™ It started off as “The Power of Wow“, but creative license battled better English and got control of my typing fingers. This morning, I co-facilitated a sales and customer service training session in Vancouver that the Better Business Bureau put on for its accredited members. My co-facilitator was caught in […]

Domain Name Jail

I’ve been having a fun couple of weeks wrestling with domains. It is really important that your domain name is similar to the name of your business. It’s so important that I advise my business plan clients to search for and register all “dot” com and “dot” ca domains that are a close match for […]