Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program

Every Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) requires the applicant to create a detailed business plan. If you or your client is starting or investing in a Canadian business venture, Sharp Business Plans are specialists in developing business plans designed for immigration to Canada with several successful applications.

What Is PNP?

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is designed as the most direct path to immigration offered by the Canadian Government.

This immigration program provides Canadian provinces and territories an opportunity to address their specific economic development needs while distributing the benefits of economic immigration across all provinces and territories. The PNP allows a province to nominate an applicant for immigration to Canada to settle in that province, based on the province's economic needs.

Canada has specific requirements for its immigration business plans and we ensure that we cover all the required deliverables. The plan must explain the type of business being purchased or established, as well as detailed financial projections demonstrating that the purchase of the business will benefit the local economy and labour market.

What Is The Process?

Every province that has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has its own criteria and specifications for business plans or business establishment plans that meet their needs. When a PNP business plan is submitted to the appropriate provincial office, the officers make sure that the business plan meets their standards. If any details are missed or the plan is not of the right quality, the application will be rejected.

Provinces work on a point-based system. We understand these systems and know how to get maximum points for your clients. We work with immigration consultants and immigration lawyers to make sure that the PNP business plan complies with all provincial requirements and gets the maximum points possible for the applicant AND their business. The business plan will also help your clients run a profitable business.

PNP Processing Time

Provincial Nominee Program application processing times federally are available on the government’s website at

  1. This processing time only applies to the federal portion of the processing once a complete application has been submitted to the Government of Canada.
  2. It does not include the time it takes for the province or territory to process the nomination certificate.
  3. If the Government of Canada finds that your application is incomplete, it may be returned and this may result in processing times delays.

What Province Do You Plan To Apply For?

Within each program, business immigration categories exist for individuals starting or investing in a Canadian business venture.

There are different streams that applicants can apply under, which generally fall into the following five categories: 1. Skilled workers; 2. Semi-skilled workers; 3. Business/investors; 4. International student graduates; and 5. Family/community connections.

The minimum investment and net worth requirements vary from province to province as each PNP entrepreneur immigration program creates specific requirements that best suit that particular province. We employ a strategic planning process and are experienced in writing a business plan for whichever province you wish to reside.

The Alberta nominee program relies heavily on the federal Express Entry program to nominate potential candidates for immigration.

Applicants for the BC PNP apply through one stream called Entrepreneur Immigration, a two-stage application process.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers immigration applicants multiple pathways of entry into Canada.

There are three primary categories under the Manitoba provincial nominee program, which applicants can immigrate to Manitoba.

Once your profile and relevant documents are submitted, the OINP assesses your application and issues an ITA when seats are opened.

Business class immigrants to Quebec can apply under three program streams: entrepreneur, investor, and self-employed worker.

The NBPNP accepts applications under six immigration categories.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is the province’s primary pathway to immigration for international applicants.

Prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive a Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive a Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the territory may receive a Yukon Provincial Nomination Certificate.

The NTNP accepts applications under two immigration programs, each with their own set of stream.

Nunavut does not currently have an immigrant nominee program.

Prospective immigrants hoping to start a business in Canada must submit a business concept for evaluation in BC, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

Why Work With Us?

We have worked with many different immigration lawyers and immigration consultants and have prepared hundreds of provincially required PNP business plans for their clients, in addition to numerous plans for applicants under the various federal programs. We will custom-build you a business plan that will work for your clients and for PNP applications.
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