What Is Your Small Business’s Organizational Culture? 3 Ways To Create It

As a small business looking to hire employees you must have a culture about you which draws potential candidates in. Take a look at what Google does for their employees here. Although your small business may not go to that extreme, start with these three tips to define your organizational culture.

1. Crucial Employee Characteristics

Define your key employees traits. They may be honesty, loyalty, reliability or kindness… the list goes on. Find what truly matters to you and don’t hire anyone unless they possess those important characteristics. Once you build a team infused with those qualities, you’ll see that everyone will work together and create a strong organizational culture which you can support.

2. Create and Share Company Vision and Mission Statements

Vision and mission statements will provide direction for you, your small business and your employees. They will provide a framework of expectations and a reminder of the organizational culture which you have defined and are creating. Ensure that you display your company vision and mission statements in a high traffic area for your employees to see.

3. Improvement Through Encouragement

Once you’ve built your team and defined your organizational culture, ensure that when problems arise you seek improvement through encouraging team players to do better. Remind them of your small business culture, and remind yourself of why you hired them in the first place. Everyone loses their way from time to time; encourage your employees to get back on track with your support, and the support of the team.