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    We Write Business Plans
    that get APPROVED!

    We write clear and concise business plans for start-ups, small and mid-sized
    businesses, immigrant entrepreneurs and foreign corporations. Our professional
    business plans are designed specifically to meet the needs of lenders, investors,
    and Canadian immigration requirements. In short — our plans get approved.
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Immigration business plans that get approved

A good business plan is one of your most important documents. It not only drives the success of your business but is foundational to the application process for foreign entrepreneurs looking to immigrate to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program Plans

Intra-Company Transfer Plans

Start-up Visa Plans

PNP Business Concept Plans

"My previous clients got their conditional Permanent Residence
card as a family. Thanks to your professionally done, well-written,
great business plan."

Filiz Tumer chose Sharp Business Plans to help his client write their business plan.
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We Genuinely Care About Your Success

Just about every business today will tell you that they “care about their clients” and
that they “provide superior customer service”. We could tell you the same thing.
Would you believe it? Me neither. So, we let our own success tell the story.

~ Barry Sharp, Founder

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Our conversations are free-wheeling, but revolve around solving the problems that
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