Dress For Small Business Success

Skip the corporate suits and ties, the shift work uniforms and the generic rules for dressing written in the organization handbook. As a small business owner, you can dress in whatever you so choose. But remember; your attire is often the first aspect you are judged upon by current and potential clients. Are your clothes […]

Three Tools That Belong In Every Small Business Owner’s Employee Toolbox

Not only does a small business owner have to consider profit, productivity, growth and marketing for their small business, they must also consider their employees. Many successful small business owners will credit a large amount of their achievement to their employees. Here’s how to look out for yours. 1. Goal Setting and Regular Feedback Goal […]

What Is Your Small Business’s Organizational Culture? 3 Ways To Create It

As a small business looking to hire employees you must have a culture about you which draws potential candidates in. Take a look at what Google does for their employees here. Although your small business may not go to that extreme, start with these three tips to define your organizational culture. 1. Crucial Employee Characteristics […]