Three Tools That Belong In Every Small Business Owner’s Employee Toolbox

Not only does a small business owner have to consider profit, productivity, growth and marketing for their small business, they must also consider their employees. Many successful small business owners will credit a large amount of their achievement to their employees. Here’s how to look out for yours.

1. Goal Setting and Regular Feedback

Goal setting is an incredibly important skill for your employees. Practice both professional and personal goal setting with your employees as a team building exercise, and reap the benefits. Motivated employees undoubtedly perform better in their everyday lives and work harder as a sign of appreciation for your time, effective management and leadership.

2. Educational Seminar Attendance

Go ahead and splurge on an annual, or semi-annual educational seminar. Maybe your employees need a hand in the sales department, or maybe customer relationship management needs a trick or two. Either way, employees view opportunities such as getaways, team building activities, and learning venues as value added to their everyday positions within your small business.

3. Employee Recognition Programs

The best employees require feedback; don’t deprive them. Schedule bi-monthly meetings with your employees to individually discuss accomplishments and areas for improvement. Your employees will work harder and appreciate that you notice their strengths. Employees thrive on being well known to their peers, so instigate an employee recognition program, rewarding each employee with something that they personally value.

Remember, victory comes from the power of many.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. – Henry Ford