How Much Does A Business Plan Cost?

I get asked that question every day. Like any good business consultant, and I am a good consultant 🙂 , I answer that question with the only possible answer: It depends. The cost of a business plan bears a strong relationship to the amount of work that’s necessary to produce the business plan. Many business […]

Business Class Immigrants to Canada

For all that we Canadians complain about the weather, the taxes we pay or our economy, we are amazingly fortunate to live in Canada. And for those of us who run a small business, we have even more blessings. Yes, we have red tape and municipal governments and provincial governments and a federal government … […]

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Personal Value

You’re a small business owner, or soon to be. You’re social, you’re busy. You’re constantly working hard to meet deadlines, provide excellent customer care and excel at your goals. But what often gets overlooked is the value in increasing our own personal values. Looking for three simple ways to accomplish this? Look no further! 1. […]