PNP Business Plans

Provincial Nominee Program – Business Plans

Canada is a nation that has depended and is still dependent on immigrants. One avenue from immigration to Canada is to apply as a business immigrant. Some of the business immigration requirements for British Columbia (BC) are for the person to either create or invest in a business that will add value to our society by creating employment.

There seem to be more and more of our potential immigrants starting businesses. They are buying equipment, leasing space and using their creativity and business knowledge to build a business with lasting value. Obviously, they need a business plan; not only for their business to succeed, but also to demonstrate that the business will be successful.

We have written a number of business plans for the various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in the past, but we are now finding that quite a lot of the plans we write are PNP business plans. A PNP business plan is similar in content and design to a regular business plan. However, there are some critical differences. The requirements for the nominee programs vary from province to province and each province continually changes their requirements, so we have to stay on top of the changes.