Get Your Audience To Read And Retain What Your Business Has to Say

We’re all in business, or want to be. In that case, you’ve come to the right place (enter cheesy business consulting plug here)! We know that when creating content for a website or social media network it is incredibly important that we cater to the lies of readers by offering tips, advice and suggestions pertaining to what interests them the most. We must say something totally new or write a value added, differentiating spin on a classic idea. And most importantly we need to write in a clear, dark, legible font. Right? Wrong!

According to an article that I read recently in The Economist, studies have proven time and time again that setting a typeface to a slightly more challenging font to read yields significantly higher retention rates. Imagine yourself back in post-secondary school; pulling all-nighters to finish essays and studying for final examinations. You probably recall falling asleep in your textbook to often than you’d like to admit, but research shows that if the content is a struggle to read, your brain naturally retains more. I bet you’re wishing you knew this back then!

In an ever changing technology driven world, where your potential customers are subjected to thousands upon thousands of advertisements daily, with or without choice, how can your small business stand out and become memorable?

In conclusion, when you have a moment, check out your business blog and website. Are you following the “challenging to read, but mostly memorable” rule?