How To Turn That Capability Into Cash

What to do when you can’t imagine working for anyone else, anymore.

9-5 have you dreading leaving your house in the morning. Long hours and little reward have you wishing for a more rewarding career? Read on, friends.

1. Reconnect with yourself

If you’re stuck in the same job, with little growth, and large headaches, our bet is that those well-deserved holidays have started to accumulate. Use them! Take a few days off, but don’t tell your family or friends; you know how they can be making plans for you. We suggest taking an extra long weekend, sometime in your industry’s quiet season. Reflect upon what makes you tick; what makes you smile and provides true happiness. Write a list of pros and cons regarding your workplace situation. Take some time to recharge and rediscover your passions

2. Turn that hidden hobby into a successful, rewarding career

Love to knit? Enjoy giving your pal’s a sweat inducing workout? Constantly baking up a storm? Make it a career! It always seems that the most successful entrepreneurs are those that have turned a much loved hobby or talent into a fulltime job. Passion brings the greatest rewards, so start by educating yourself about where you could capitalize on your skills.

3. Don’t skimp; get a professional business plan

You may think you know the ins and outs of your past time, but where can you position your potential business in the market? What trait can be used as your competitive advantage? What location would be best suited for your shop? A professional business plan will provide answers to your questions, foresee future issues, provide a financial analysis and will give you the upper hand when seeking financing from your bank or credit union.

Simple as that! Now give us a call for your business plan needs. 🙂