How to Give Your Business Immigration Clients the Advantage

Sharp has produced hundreds of business plans for Canadian immigration programs and are experts on the specifics that immigration officials are looking for in an applicant’s business case for government programs. To be clear, we do not purport to be not immigration experts per se. But we are experts when it comes to understanding the requirements for business plans and business concepts of immigrant applicants. Our role may comprise a niche in the entire immigration process, but we are a very useful one.

Our success is based on the depth of our knowledge about business and an understanding of the particular requirements of each immigration pathway in Canada, from coast to coast.

Choosing a Pathway

We help immigrant investors navigate the often layered complexity that comprises a government business program. There is no simple cut-and-dry model for how to determine the best program for a client, simply because there are so many different factors to consider; the kind of program, the industry, the locations, and the background of the applicant.

As a courtesy to new clients, we start the process with a review of the CVs of the immigration applicants to determine the most suitable pathway and appropriate program opportunities for them.

Some applicants may score higher for one program over another one, based on their education, business experience, net worth and so on.

For example, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) utilizes various scoring rubrics for program registration and Expression of Interest submissions, depending on the chosen PNP pathway. There are many programs and streams to consider. The programs offered vary from province to province. Some programs are federal.

 And of course, there are different requirements for the different program streams, which adds to the complexity of making decisions and matching applicants to the most suitable ones.

Sharp Business Plans understand those nuances and how to leverage your clients’ backgrounds to obtain the highest probability of successful immigration.

Your Clients Background

Your client may not score very high in one pathway, but be perfect for another one.

We review the applicant’s profile, resume, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score, self-declared score, and investment allocation, among other factors. By reviewing these variables, we can help your client to evaluate the benefits, as well as any drawbacks of the various programs and determine the best program for them.

We will draft up a short summary of the applicant’s skills, and the kind of businesses that might work for their particular circumstances, and give them options for which program to apply for, along with suitable locations for start-up.

Choosing a Business 

Sharp can help create innovative/niche business ideas that align with your client’s work experience and education.

For example, under regional-specific immigration programs, a community in Canada may need more full-service restaurants, while another might need engineering services or computer repair businesses. By researching the needs of the specific communities with the client we can evaluate them on that particular program’s scoring rubric. From there we can establish whether they have a reasonable chance of coming to Canada on a work permit.

Based on the economic development needs of various communities, we can assess which community offers the best business environment for the applicant’s business plan. Often, economic development needs are vaguely stated, and the “umbrella” industry sectors requiring economic development allow for the opportunity to get creative with proposing a business to fill that need. 

We also work closely with designated organizations such as venture capital firms and business incubators to help clients with innovative start-up ideas to bring their businesses to fruition in Canada through the Start-Up Visa program.

The Right Place for the Right Reason

There’s more to the entrepreneur process than deciding the kind of business the applicant should launch.

Under regional-specific programs, the client will have to live in the chosen community for at least a year or two, so it should be in a place where the climate, social and recreational opportunities, and overall quality of life suit the applicant.

Also, there are nuances to the various documents that must be submitted and extensive paperwork required. Sharp is keyed into what the Canadian immigration officials are looking for in terms of the specific documentation to be admitted.

Business Planning Opportunities

Sharp can also help to create a business plan that will help your client to succeed with the Start-Up Visa program.

Developing an application for a business that hasn’t yet begun requires learning about that industry and the niche they want to invest in. Because we are accustomed to developing business plans with research and logistics, we make the whole process easier and faster than if the applicant were doing this based in their home country without any context for how their business would fit into the Canadian business landscape.

Sharp adds value to immigration consultants, and lawyers, because of our business expertise.

We conduct solid, current market research to assess all the different programs and channels available. We ask the questions and find the answers to things that neither the applicant nor their lawyer or consultant has known to ask.

There may be opportunities to introduce new ways of doing the business that your client launches here in Canada as well. If there are ways that the immigrant business person could do that are innovative, we may be able to create an application to optimize that approach.  

Your client only wants to apply with a solid application one time. Otherwise, they are noted in the system as an applicant who, for whatever reason, was rejected. At Sharp Business Plans we understand that for many of your clients seeking to start a business in Canada, failure is not an option. We can help them to succeed.