How Sharp unlocked the pathway to success for one immigration client: A Case Study

It’s assumed that most immigration lawyers and consultants review a client’s CV to determine the best immigration pathways for them. However, the prime pathways for business immigration opportunities are often overlooked, simply because the complexity and variety of the pathways available are not evident to someone who does not provide this kind of service on a continual basis.

Sharp Business Plans are those service providers. We live and breathe immigration business programs. With our experience, resources and extensive knowledge about the many programs available and their specific requirements, we turn over every stone until we find the right one for your client.


Case 1: Sharp Business Plans was working with a new client—an immigration lawyer with several prospective entrepreneur clients in Iran. The immigration lawyer was impressed with the feasibility analysis we did so we requested he send us up-to-date CVs of each of his long-term clients who up to that point had been unsuccessful in finding a foreseeable pathway to Canada.

We discovered that each prospective client had suitable pathways with a strong rationale for each one. For example, in our review, we discovered that one of the applicants had strong English language capabilities with a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 7 and a Master’s degree from a Canadian-equivalent London university.

Most PNP programs attach a low point allocation for English language skills and education. However, in the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) there is heavy weighting on applicants’ English skills and post-secondary education. This enabled the applicant to score very high on his Expression of Interest and earned him an Invitation to Apply. The successive business plan was accepted and the client successfully immigrated.


Case 2: We found that another of these applicants ran a successful logistics business in Iran, though the person did not have an innovative process or idea that could be used for a Start-Up Visa program application. However, by doing some research we recognized that under the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot program, the community of Penticton, BC required economic development in the ‘Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services’ industry category.

We also discovered that there was a significant number of local trucking and transportation companies operating out of the Penticton area.

So, we set about doing a feasibility assessment for a logistics consulting business in Penticton. We identified a gap in the market for a company that could use logistics expertise in transportation to improve efficiency and costs. Given the increasingly growing population in the Okanagan Valley, the number of local trucking/transportation companies as well as a lack of market competition, it appeared to be a very viable business opportunity.

Sharp’s assessment also showed that this could be a successful business venture for this particular applicant. The applicant had the skill set and the experience in his native country to facilitate the transportation of goods at full capacity between the Okanagan and the Lower Mainland.


We decided to make a business case for a logistics company in Penticton.

We prepared a business summary and approached the municipality which was the first step in the approval process as each municipality has its own screening system. The business summary showed that the business should be profitable, would create jobs in the community and align with their economic development goals.

To the client’s and the applicant’s delight, the business was accepted by the community on the basis that it filled a gap in the existing market and catered to their economic development needs.

Once the province gave the green light, we followed the typical PNP application process, where the applicant scored high on the EOI points grid for the BC PNP Regional Pilot. The applicant received their ITA and we proceeded with a full business plan which was ultimately accepted by the province.

With our business experts reviewing the CVs of your clients and with our in-depth knowledge of each pathway across Canada, Sharp Business Plans adds fresh business perspectives and gives your clients that specialized service that can make or break an applicant’s chance of succeeding by removing the barriers to entry.

We stay up to date with all of the entrepreneur immigration pathways so that we can leverage our expertise to align every individual applicant with the right pathway to business immigration success.