Effective Cash Management for Small Business

You may have heard the phrase “cash is king.” In small business, cash is not king; cash is air. Without it, the business cannot survive. It is its very lifeblood.

For small businesses to grow and prosper, cash must be forecast, monitored, and ideally enhanced. Big business methodologies have some value in small business, but the priorities, tools, and most importantly, attitudes are quite different.

Cash management in small business is more important than profitability. The two are certainly inter-related; however, positive cash flow is often much more important than net income. This webcast will teach you how to allocate more of your time to work on strategies and tactics for improving cash flow.

Effective cash management requires more than financial expertise. You certainly need accounting knowledge, but you also have to think and act like an entrepreneur.

This webcast will assist you to:

  • Produce accurate cash flow forecasts
  • Understand the relationship between net income and cash flow for their business
  • Uncover hidden cash generation assets
  • Improve cash flows
  • Prevent cash shortages

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