Do You Want More Revenues?

“Who needs them?”
“They are complicated and way too much work.”
“I don’t have the time to reply to them.”

If this sounds like you, then you really need to keep reading.

Do you bring in $1,000 per hour in sales for your business? Would you like to land a really big customer? Someone who writes cheques for over $100,000 without worrying about it? Would you like more business from a company that always pays its bills?

You owe it to yourself and to your small business to check into RFPS. The Federal, Provincial and municipal governments issue RFPs totalling billions of dollars each year. Not interested in doing work for any layer of government? How about doing work for or selling goods or equipment to your electric or water utility? Still too big? Would you want to do business with your local school or hospital?

Maybe you’re more interested in working with sporting events, like the FIFA World Women’s Cup, Canada Games, Provincial Summer games?

As you’ve probably guessed, all of these “businesses” use RFPs to get the goods and services they need. If you’re thinking that “RFPs always go to the lowest bidder”, you are wrong! In most of the thousands of RFPs that I’ve reviewed, the price is usually a fairly small component of the evaluation process, Generally, most government agencies want to know that you are an expert in your field and that you can do the job without causing any problems.

That’s why you got into business, wasn’t it? To do the job right, the first time, at a fair price. So, use RFPs to get business. We would be pleased to help you as we have helped other small businesses gain sales and profits from RFPs.