All About RAS: What Is It And How Can We Guide It To A Good Cause?

This week had me wondering, what exactly is RAS? RAS is an acronym for reticular activating system, which is easily explained through an example. Let’s say that you purchase a brand new watch that you’ve been eyeing up for months. After purchasing the watch, you begin to notice that it seems as though everyone is wearing the same or similar watch. Every experienced that? That’s RAS.

So why not tune your mind into RAS for situations and opportunities to move you ahead in your career? Maybe you’ve been stuck in a workplace rut for far too long. Maybe you’ve reached your learning potential for your current position. Or maybe you’re a long time small business owner who has experienced a great amount of achievement in your life. Congratulations, that is a great feeling! Now imagine taking all of that positivity, all of those winning thoughts and directing them toward helping another startup business from the ground up, or maybe financing a growing small business. Imagine if we spent a little more time building ideas that will undoubtedly change the future, rather than sitting in our happily defined success circles. Imagine what we could do if we worked together versus against each other.

The days of small business empowerment and supporting a local economy have not yet disappeared. As entrepreneurs we must work together to support and assist in the creation of even more successful small businesses. There is something so special about relationship building, community support and the idea of generating and sustaining a flourishing local economy.

The power of one is greater when you’ve got many behind you.

So next time you experience RAS, channel those thoughts and energies into something with much, much greater cause.