4 Tips To Achieve Small Business Funding

Like many inspired and hard working individuals, you are ready to achieve the funding required to start your small business. But before you sprint to the bank, follow these simple steps to start-up financing success.

1. Prepare psychologically

Run through a mock funding interview with a colleague or friend. Have them take note of your insecure or shaky areas and to monitor your emotions. Knowing where you struggle will allow you to work through challenging areas and to help guarantee that you receive the start-up funding which you require.

2. Do your homework

Know your business inside and out and make certain that you have anticipated questions which will be asked by the financial lenders. Ask that your small business consultant sit down with you to cover common areas of questioning which will arise in the funding meeting. Ensure that you have gathered truthful data and statistics (often found within your professional business plan), and that you have a direct negotiating style. Know what you want.

3. Practice tactics to get through the conversation

You’re waist deep into the negotiation process, and now is the time to practice your assertive skills. Be direct about the amount of funding which you are seeking. Ensure that you provide adequate reasoning as to why your small business will be a successful venture. A professional business plan often comes in handy here; it acts as an accurate reference into your small business’s financial analysis and start-up costs.

4. Follow up

If you managed to achieve the funding that your small business required; congratulations! That in itself is quite a feat. Take a moment to send a thank you card to the institution and more importantly to your lending specialist or financial adviser. If achieving funding proved to be a struggle this go around, head back to the drawing board. Did you do all of your research? Did you come prepared with a professional business plan? Be sure that you have what you need and reschedule an appointment. Perseverance is admirable and often gives you exactly what you desire.