3 Ways To Boost Your Advertising Budget Without Overspending

Let’s face it; advertising is costly, especially for a small business with even smaller budgets. We’ve prepared three simple ways to advertising success with the help of the community and an added bonus; new connections, networks and brand ambassadors.

1. Social Media

First off, determine your social media tools, of choice. By that I mean, assess your small business target market, decipher where they are (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) and create an alluring and engaging profile. Next, find other small businesses within your community and begin building relationships with them. Comment on their updates, photos, advice and blog articles. Mention them on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Before you know it, you’ll have them marketing your business through all of the same techniques. Together you’ll generate increased interest and discussion about your small business and brand.

2. Cross Promotion

Currently we’re holding a Facebook campaign to generate more ‘likes’ and to entice people to stay connected with us we’re offering a $50 restaurant gift card at the end of each month. It’s simple; click the link (go for it: http://www.facebook.com/ConsultingCanada?ref=hl) and be entered to win. We’ve even encouraged current likes to tell their friends and be entered to win twice. When choosing a restaurant to offer a gift card to, we went straight to our community. By purchasing a local restaurant gift card we are cross promoting the restaurant, and having them cross promote us. We are (and you can be too) using our advertising dollars wisely.

3. Word of mouth

Enjoy a coffee break outside of the office and support a small business. Connect with the employees, chat, ask whether the owner is around and discuss the possibility of marketing your small businesses together. If that seems to direct for you, simply drop by once a week for a java and let the employees know where you’re from.

Building meaningful relationships will keep you top of mind when others require your services. Maintain your marketing budget and increase small business advertising. It’s a win win situation for everyone.