3 Tips For Improved Small Business Efficiency

Efficiency, as defined by the Encarta Dictionary means “the ability to do something well or achieve a desired result without wasted energy or effort”. We at Consulting Canada believe that most people try to live their entire lives practicing efficiency. Imagine your small business; efficiency is the key to saving you time, resources and money. However, According to a recent study put out by reputable Canadian consulting firm, Dougan Consulting, 90 percent of Canadian small businesses feel that they are inefficient. This cannot go unnoticed. Read below to find what category you belong in, and tips to ensure that your small business is fully efficient.

1. For the brand new start-up

Being new to business means keeping your ducks in a row; researching, planning, and monitoring spending. What some new business owners do regrettably, is ignore the beginnings of a great business by not getting a professional business plan. A professional business plan will provide you with future financials, an informed look into your target market and the research to achieve start-up funding from a financial institution. Don’t overlook the first stepping stone to success.

2. For the small business with great potential

You’re a small business owner and things are going well, but you know that there is room to achieve greater profit and market share. Seek the assistance of a small business consultant or marketing professional to discover areas of potential growth and to ensure that you are running your business as efficiently as possible. Sometimes all it takes to skyrocket your business growth is an unbiased, professional’s opinion.

3. For the successful small business

Idolized by many, you’re a small business owner who has defied the growth of most small businesses to become wildly successful and profitable. So that’s it, right; game over, you win? No chance. See a business consultant annually to ensure that your business not only remains lucrative, but is also continuously growing. Because as the old Goethe saying goes “he who moves not forward, goes backward”.