3 Suggestions For The Easiest Way To Outperform Your Competition

Within the small business world, advice twirls on how to improve your profits and increase your company’s market share. Some of the common ideas include: utilizing social media, email marketing, trade show attendance and measurement through analytics. These are just a few of the ideas we’re being told to do to increase profits.

Since when did we forget about our greatest gift? The gift of voice is the ability to spark conversations, build relationships, listen to learn and give by offering feedback.

Communication and feedback are highly underrated for what they can help your small business achieve. Here are a few simple ways to seek feedback on your small business practices.

1. Request testimonials

Contact some of your past clients, and ask them to write you a short testimonial. Use the kind words on your small business’s social media profiles, website, and print advertisements.

2. Ensure that your blog is shareable and has a space to leave comments

Encourage your blog readers to respond and provide feedback on your work. Listen to them, and try out their suggestions.

3. Make a coffee date

Get in touch with a mentor in the community, or a fellow small business owner. Ask them to have a look at your small business goals and marketing. Ask them for their opinion on your business progress.

Our technologically booming world often halts communication. It’s not hard to get your small business ahead; just look back a decade. Communication was and still is key.

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