3 Personality Types That Will Help Your Business Flourish, And 2 That Will Not

Your entire life is being flipped upside down; you are becoming an entrepreneur. First of all, congratulations! The joys of working for yourself are innumerable and invaluable. During this demanding time in your life (don’t worry, the payoff of being a small business owner is worth it) you need to surround yourself with positive, supportive, and understanding individuals. Here are three types of people to buddy up with, and two to completely avoid.

1. The Peppy Cheerleader

This person has always, and will always be in your corner. They have your back in rough situations, and never falter. They are that person you can go to on a rough day, when you doubt yourself or even your business. Their characteristics are precious; they can pick you up even in your deepest slump.

2. The Eternal Optimist

This person puts everything into perspective, and they always find the silver lining to any situation. They practice what they preach; they will remind you to remain positive and will always do the same themselves. When the going gets tough they will remind you of their mantra, “everything happens for a reason.”

3. The Tough Love Enthusiast

Sometimes, what we need to hear, is not what we want to hear; enter tough love pal here. This personality will help you knock your emotions down to earth, and will help your get through challenges with a realist approach. Keep this friend around for a no frills, yet beneficial solution to any business blunder.

4. The Negative Nagger

Beware. This person often gets mixed into friendship circles, but their jealous and seething nature is toxic to you and your business. This personality is often negative about themselves and others, and can be found constantly talking about themselves, proving that friendship is a one way street with them, and that they do not have your best interest in mind.

5. The Gossip Mill

This personality type is incredibly hard to trust. They feature a nosey characteristic, and lack any sort of social filter. Be wary; do not divulge any personal, business related or trade secrets.