3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Personal Value

You’re a small business owner, or soon to be. You’re social, you’re busy. You’re constantly working hard to meet deadlines, provide excellent customer care and excel at your goals. But what often gets overlooked is the value in increasing our own personal values. Looking for three simple ways to accomplish this? Look no further!

1. Turn off the Television

After a long day it’s much too easy to get home and sit in front of the cable box for a few hours as your attempt to unwind. Why not stop by your local library or second hand book shop and pick up a best read business book? Reading is becoming increasingly underrated, yet remains a proven way to increase intelligence. Take a few tips from the pros.

2. Listen up

You’re a leader. It’s obvious because of your desire to work for yourself and create your own successes. Therefore, as a leader you are expected to provide detailed insight, give great advice, and always appear ‘on’. Why not give yourself a well deserved break by listening more than talking for a day or two. Listening is one of the best learning vehicles we have. Spend time with idols of yours; be alert, take notes. Soon enough you’ll become another aspiring business owner’s idol. Remember the age old rule of give and take?

3. Get Social

Considering using that invite to your neighbourhood potluck or commerce mixer? Do it. Prepare yourself both physically, by dressing the part (in business attire) and socially; brush up on business news in your region. Smile and exert confidence; that way people will naturally gravitate toward you. And remember that book you read back in tip number one? Use that as a discussion focal point!

Best of luck, social schmoozer’s! 🙂