Self-Employed Persons Program —
Including Farmers

These programs apply to potential immigrants who are world-class or have been self-employed and have the ability to be self-employed in Canada. They must have been involved in certain specified occupations in art, culture, recreation or sport in the past five years.

Self-Employed Occupations

  • Authors and writers
  • Journalists and editors
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Producers and directors
  • Creative and performing artists
  • Photographers
  • Art galleries
  • Fashion models
  • Graphic design, including web design
  • Athletes and coaches

The applicant must have two years experience in their chosen occupation in the past five years, and must demonstrate how they can contribute to Canada’s economy and how they will support themselves and their family. A business plan that demonstrates their skills and abilities and how they will contribute to the economy is a key component in a successful application.

We have written successful business plans for immigrants under these categories and can often advise as to whether the applicant is likely to qualify. If the applicant is appropriately qualified to apply under the self-employed persons program, approvals can be very fast. We prepared a business plan for a self-employed applicant in February and the applicant was approved in August.

Self-Employed Farmer

  • Proven farm management skills
  • Intention and ability to buy a farm

A business plan is the proven method to demonstrate the potential of the business and the applicant’s continuing ability to support themselves and their family from the profits of that business.

Building real business plans for real businesses.