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Are you looking to start a new business or business expansion in Ottawa? If you need a business plan but don't know where to start, we can help. Sharp Business Plans will work with you to create a custom-built business plan that will secure financing to launch your dream business.

Business in Ottawa and Economic Development

Located in the heart of Eastern Ontario, the nation’s capital is regarded as a city that is prosperous, but affordable, and safe, yet easy to get around. It’s even been coined, “The Goldilocks of cities: not too big, not too small.” Ottawa’s balance of an affordable cost of living and a strong, stable economy makes it a desirable place to operate your business.

For two years in a row, 2016 and 2017, MoneySense ranked Ottawa number one on Best Places to Live in Canada survey, citing high wealth & income, health accessibility, and transit-friendly among the top three features out of 10 categories. These are considerable factors when you’re looking into where you should launch and grow your business.

It’s not just a federal government town either. The Expert Market team ranks Ottawa number one as the Top Canadian Tech Hub to Live and Work In, with a heavy nod in tech diversity, average salary for tech roles and cost of living. Positioned as a global leader in telecommunications technology, Ottawa is one of the strongest and most diverse tech hubs in North America, with the highest concentration of tech talent in Canada with more than 1,900 technology companies.

According to the City of Ottawa, both government and tech sectors offer high-paying jobs for knowledge workers in a relatively stable environment and account for 37% of Ottawa’s total gross domestic product (GDP).

Technology aside, Ottawa is the biggest contributor to Canada’s other key industries, which include: tourism, manufacturing, construction, health care, and public service. It also benefits from a vital rural economy, which contributes over $1 billion to the GDP.

With the second highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North America, Ottawa is a recognized source of innovation and creativity that has produced industry-leading breakthroughs that advance global competitiveness. Harley Finkelstein, Chief Operating Officer, Shopify, told, “There really is an entrepreneurial and startup renaissance happening in Ottawa. And it’s evidenced by the amount of incubation, the angel investors and number of engineers that are in town.”

Ottawa’s proximity to North American markets provides your company easy access to major clients and consumers—particularly because it’s situated less than two hours away by air from major North American markets including: Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Boston and Chicago, as well as direct flights to major hubs in Europe, such as London and Frankfurt.

Ottawa is also considered one of the top 10 cities as the Best Place for New Canadians. It’s a welcome blend of cultures and nationalities and one in five people speaks a language other than French or English. As a result, Ottawa has the highest sense of belonging among major Canadian cities.

Ottawa Business Plan Writers

Why Sharp Business Plans is Your Top Choice

We have written hundreds of successful business plans for Ottawa based businesses and have the expertise across a broad-spectrum of industries to give you the results you want. Even though the structure associated with our plans may be duplicated (it has proven to be highly effective in the marketplace), we do not use generic templates. We sit down and consult with you in detail to craft a personally tailored plan as it relates to your unique business. We believe in personal interviews and in-depth consulting to ensure we capture a detailed depiction of your new venture.

Our work is conducted to the highest business standards of honesty, reliability and integrity, and as a result, we have achieved an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How Sharp Business Plans Continues to be Successful

We pride ourselves in finding ways to make you money, not take your money. You can expect us to quote a range of fees, depending on the work we have to do. We are deeply committed to your success and we’re not in this industry to make a quick buck. Our friendly professional business plan writers will work together with you through the process of writing a business plan that will help pave your way to success. We want you to be profitable with our business plan and we will deliver something solid that is going to provide you value. We will never take you on as a client unless we think the business plan is going to be effective for you.

Sharp Business Plans have worked with businesses from across Canada and around the globe. Don’t let geography get in the way of you getting a professional business plan that works for you. Contact us through our website or call toll free at +1 (800) 661-9842 and let’s get started on writing a business plan for your startup venture or expansion in Ottawa.

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