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We understand the New Zealand cannabis market: the legislation, the size of the market and the business side of growing and selling cannabis. Sharp Business Plans is based in Canada, the first major country to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use, which has helped to leverage our expertise globally. We have written over 100 business plans for the cannabis industry, including cannabis business plans for companies in Australia, Canada and the USA.

We’re confident that now is a good time to act, especially because getting into the market in its infancy will help you be well-positioned to acquire a decent market share.

Cannabis Business Plans for New Zealand

Recreational Cannabis Legalization in New Zealand

Locally, it’s no secret that New Zealand is a producer of first-rate reggae; however, cannabis—which is so revered in the musical genre’s sub-culture—remains tightly controlled in the country. Any amount of recreational cannabis is currently deemed illegal. But that could soon change. Before long, New Zealanders will have the chance to vote for full decriminalization, changing the way personal cannabis use is regulated, which could open the floodgates on a new multi-million dollar industry.

A binding referendum at the 2020 General Election—to be held November 2020—will determine if the personal use, possession, sale and cultivation of recreational cannabis for adults 20 and older should be legalized. If more than 50% vote “yes,” it’s not hard to miss the amusing irony: the country’s Maori name—Aotearoa—the land of the long white cloud, becomes a two-fold adage.

According to the New Zealand Government, recreational use of cannabis won’t become legal immediately. “After the election, the incoming government will follow a process to introduce a Bill to Parliament that would legalize recreational use. This process would include the opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and ideas on how the law might work.” It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry to move out of the shadows into a legitimate marketplace, affording sellers and growers a big opportunity.

New Zealand's Draft Recreational Cannabis Legislation

As of December 2019, the draft of the "Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill," which outlines a proposed law that could regulate cannabis for recreational use, is not complete; however, permitted areas have been drafted as follows, pertaining to adults 20 years and older:
  • The sale of a range of cannabis products including edibles and concentrates
  • A proposed daily purchase/public possession limit of 14 grams from a retail outlet; (online sales are prohibited)
  • Two plants per person/four maximum per household for home cultivation
  • Individuals can share cannabis and legally gift cannabis products

“The draft Bill still leaves a lot of questions unanswered, particularly in terms of licensing requirements, production standards and taxation levels, as well as the future regulatory status of CBD.”

New Zealand Cannabis Licences

“Currently, licences for cannabis can only be issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act to cultivate or extract cannabis for medical or scientific research, including clinical trials,” according to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health.

The Cannabis Regulatory Authority will make licensing decisions. The Bill proposes licence distribution and retail as well as cultivation and manufacturing, allowing private enterprise at every stage of the supply chain.

The New Zealand Government revealed that “the Bill also mandates the separation of retail and on-site licences from those for wholesale, manufacturing and cultivation, in order to prevent the formation of large vertically-integrated companies. Rather than aiding small businesses, this separation will prevent small-scale producers having direct access to their customer base by prohibiting onsite sales at their facilities. It appears that the proposed National Cannabis Agency would have the final say in approving or rejecting retail locations.”

In an executive summary of the plan, Justice Minister Andrew Little said, “Legalizing and regulating cannabis, would create a “controlled and tightly regulated market” that would allow the government to “steer market behaviour towards achieving the objective of minimizing harm, while providing safe and legal access to cannabis.”

Why Sharp Business Plans is Your Top Choice

If you are considering applying for a licence with the Cannabis Regulatory Authority, you will need a business plan. We have written hundreds of successful business plans and have the expertise across a broad-spectrum of industries to give you the results you want. Unlike our competitors, we do not use generic templates; competitors might copy our structure, but not our ideas. We consult with you in detail to craft a personally tailored plan as it relates to your unique business. We believe in personal interviews and in-depth consulting to ensure we capture a detailed depiction of your new venture. We build a fully customizable financial model for you, that shows in-depth how the production and financial sides of the business will work together.

How Sharp Business Plans Continues to be Successful

Sharp Business Plans have worked with businesses from across North America and around the globe. Don’t let geography get in the way of you getting a professional business plan that works for you. Contact us and let’s get started on writing a business plan for your cannabis venture in New Zealand.

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