Business Plan Consultant

What are your responsibilities?

  • Designing and documenting emergency management programs for clients.
  • Ensuring businesses have a workable business continuity plan.
  • Identifying gaps in current emergency planning.

What education (degree/and institution) do you bring to your position?

  • ABCP – Associate Business Continuity Professional, Disaster Recovery Institute
  • Certificate in Emergency Management, Justice Institute of Technology

How does your background/experience/strengths help you fulfill your duties?

  • I was Manager of Emergency Management at British Columbia’s Institute of Technology (BCIT) for nine years.
  • Emergency Planner at Simon Fraser University (SFU).
  • Co-chaired the Post-Secondary Emergency Planners Group for British Columbia.
  • Member of the Regional Emergency Planning Committee for Metro Vancouver.
  • My experience positions me to excel at what I do.

What is your biggest passion as it relates to your role?

  • Ensuring that people are prepared to handle a disaster.

What challenge(s) in your role do you enjoy most?

  • Getting people to understand the importance of being prepared for a disaster and how to continue their business after an event.

How do you stay up to date in your field?

  • I read business-related materials and network.

In your spare time when you’re not fulfilling your Sharp Business Plans duties we’d find you. . .

  • At the gym, reading, stand up paddle boarding, and socializing with colleagues and friends.

Two Little Known Facts About You

  1. I hitchhiked around Europe as a teenager…(when the world was more naïve or at least I was!)
  2. I earned my brown belt in Judo after my hitchhiking travels around Europe.