Business Plan Writer & Research Specialist

What are your responsibilities?

  • Researching and writing business plans that make sense and help our clients succeed.

What education do you bring to your position?

  • BA, PMP, E-Comm Management.

How do your strengths help you fulfill your duties?

  • I’m an expert in strategic planning, business analysis, business development, and marketing and brands.
  • Perfect for helping clients with business cases and proposals, grant and loan applications, and especially business plans.

What is your biggest passion as it relates to your role?

  • I really enjoy policy and research, which is great when the business plan is needed for a specialized grant or license.

What challenge(s) in your role do you enjoy most?

  • I love bringing my industry expertise to help our clients. I have held management positions in health care, nanotechnology, and IT, and served as a consultant in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, cosmetics, hospitality, transportation, e-learning, and finance.

In your spare time when you’re not fulfilling your duties, we’d find you:

  • Mentoring start-up businesses.
  • Enjoying my grown-up family.

Two Little Known Facts About You

1. I began my career as a flight attendant with Air Canada.

2. I’m a Six Sigma Green Belt.