Business Plan Writer (Consultant)

What are your responsibilities?

  • Writing business plans that work for the client and doing the research to make sure that they will succeed.

What education (degree/and institution) do you bring to your position?

  • Certificate in Marketing Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

How do your strengths help you fulfill your duties?

  • I am a marketing expert, with a background in entrepreneurship, writing and professional sales. I have worked with start-ups and national companies. I can readily put myself in the position of the entrepreneur that we’re helping. This really helps me develop business plans that need strong marketing sections to make the business take off.

What is your biggest passion as it relates to your role?

  • I enjoy developing the business model that shows how the business works and then using my marketing and sales knowledge to write the marketing pages to build the business’s revenues.

What challenge(s) in your role do you enjoy most?

  • Developing a solid business plan for a company with a new business model in a new industry. That requires serious thinking and research. I love it.

How do you stay up to date in your field?

  • I am fascinated by marketing, entrepreneurs and business. I read a lot, mainly online, and take occasional courses.

In your spare time when you’re not fulfilling your duties we’d find you:

  • Working on digital marketing projects
  • Cooking and drinking excellent wine

Two Little Known Facts About You

1. I lived in Europe for 3 years.

2. I’ve pushed my way to the front row at the “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain