Want To Accept Credit Cards?

Most Canadian businesses that deal with consumers (B2C) investigate accepting credit cards. To most small business owners, the language of credit cards is very difficult to understand…not to mention the fees involved. To accept credit cards you will need to open a merchant account with a credit card processing service. Your bank is almost certainly […]

How Much Does A Business Plan Cost?

I get asked that question every day. Like any good business consultant, and I am a good consultant 🙂 , I answer that question with the only possible answer: It depends. The cost of a business plan bears a strong relationship to the amount of work that’s necessary to produce the business plan. Many business […]

4 Tips To Achieve Small Business Funding

Like many inspired and hard working individuals, you are ready to achieve the funding required to start your small business. But before you sprint to the bank, follow these simple steps to start-up financing success. 1. Prepare psychologically Run through a mock funding interview with a colleague or friend. Have them take note of your […]