Saskatchewan PNP Plans

SINP – SK Business Immigration

Entrepreneur Category

  • Personal net worth of $500,000
  • Invest $300,000 in Regina or Saskatoon; or $200,000 in other communities
  • 3 years management or entrepreneurial experience
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP
    • Include a Business Establishment Plan (BEP) with the EOI
    • Extra points for Key Economic Sectors
    • Experience relevant to the BEP
    • Points for Science & Technology, Manufacturing, Exporting
    • Points for buying an existing business or starting one in a rural area
  • If selected, must include a BEP similar or identical to the previous one
    • Must create 2 jobs, if in Regina or Saskatoon

Building real SINP business establishment plans (BEP) for real businesses.