Cannabis Business Plans for South Africa

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We understand the South Africa cannabis market: the conservative legislative climate, the potential consumer base, the size of the market value and the business side of growing and selling cannabis. Sharp Business Plans is based in Canada, the first major country to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use, which has helped to leverage our expertise globally. We have written over 100 business plans for the cannabis industry, including cannabis business plans for companies in Australia, Canada and the USA.

We’re confident that now is a good time to act, especially because getting into the market in its infancy will help you be well-positioned to acquire a decent market share.

Cannabis Business Plans for South Africa

Recreational Cannabis Legalization in South Africa

In September 2018, the Constitutional Court decriminalized cannabis—or “dagga”—for responsible adult consumption in private. Therefore, you are not required to have a licence to grow, possess, and use your own cannabis. However, any form of trade in the plant remains strictly illegal. In a joint statement released in November 2019 by the South African Police Service and the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), the South African Police Service issued a stern warning: “The establishment of illegal dispensaries/outlets, online sites and social media platforms which are marketing and selling cannabis and cannabis-related products to the public remains illegal, except where specifically allowed in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.”

It’s widely acknowledged that many nations are keen to embrace cultivation as a way to boost their economies. The African Cannabis Report™ by Prohibition Partners reveals: “Cannabis is already widely grown and consumed across the continent with production currently standing at around 38,000 tonnes and consumption rates at 13.2%. While any path towards a legalized and regulated cannabis industry presents a number of significant challenges due to opaque laws and inconsistent enforcement, Africa’s climate, affordable land and low-cost labour offer enormous opportunities in a market that could exceed US $7.1 billion by 2023.” In South Africa alone, the estimated market value by 2023 is US $1.79 billion.

South Africa's Cannabis Legislation

The proposed Cannabis Developing Council of South Africa (CDCSA) is an all-inclusive self-regulating Cannabis Industry Association whose representatives will form in part, and in association with the National Hemp Foundation, to help regulate and control the cannabis industry of South Africa.

They will be responsible to provide advice on new legislative and regulatory framework for affordable and available adult access to regulated quality cannabis consistent with international health and safety standards.

The court has given the government two years from the September 2018 ruling to bring South Africa’s cannabis laws in line with the constitution, plus a new bill for public comment, expected to be released soon, according to Bowmans, a South African law firm.

Tito Mboweni, South African Minister of Finance, is in favour of legalization and supports the formalization of the industry. He currently grows cannabis plants (which he claims develop organically) on his farm in Limpopo.

South Africa Cannabis Licences

While recreational use is in the process of being legalized, medicinal use is legal. Current legislation does not permit SAHPRA to issue licences for the cultivation of cannabis for non-medicinal commercial purposes, including use in food products. In November 2019, a Cape Town strawberry farm was issued the first commercial licence to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Proposed licences by the Cannabis Developing Council of South Africa (CDCSA) include the following sectors: agriculture/grower, manufacturing and processing, retail and consumer suppliers, and end user/consumer markets. The CDCSA will be an all-inclusive association allowing everyone from the private to participate and contribute towards the forming of a cannabis regulatory authority that ensures equal and equitable opportunity to access legal permits and licences.

Why Sharp Business Plans is Your Top Choice

When obtainable, if you are considering applying for a cannabis licence, you will need a business plan. We have written hundreds of successful business plans and have the expertise across a broad-spectrum of industries to give you the results you want. Unlike our competitors, we do not use generic templates; competitors might copy our structure, but not our ideas. We consult with you in detail to craft a personally tailored plan as it relates to your unique business. We believe in personal interviews and in-depth consulting to ensure we capture a detailed depiction of your new venture. We build a fully customizable financial model for you that shows in-depth how the production and financial sides of the business will work together.

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Sharp Business Plans have worked with businesses from across North America and around the globe. Don’t let geography get in the way of you getting a professional business plan that works for you. Contact us and let’s get started on writing a business plan for your cannabis venture in South Africa.

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