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How to Give Your Business Immigration Clients the Advantage

Sharp has produced hundreds of business plans for Canadian immigration programs and are experts on the specifics that immigration officials are looking for in an applicant’s business case for government programs. To be clear, we do not purport to be not immigration experts per se. But we are experts when it comes to understanding the […]

Are You Thinking of Immigrating to Canada?

We have helped hundreds of immigrants obtain their work permits and permanent residency in Canada with our professional business plans – written by business experts with real business experience. We help immigrants from all over the world find the best pathways for successful Canadian immigration. Whether you live in India, the UAE, Iran, or any […]

Business Plan – One Size Fits All?

Most “How To” books on writing business plans tell you that you should not “slant” your business plan towards any particular reader. I don’t agree. A business plan is a communications tool, and Communications 101 teaches that for communication to be effective, you have to use the language of your audience. This is pretty obvious. […]

How Much RFP Business Are You Planning To Lose?

Do your hands go clammy when you see those dreaded letters…RFP? Do you hate prospects who ask you what you do and how much you charge? 95% of business people answer those two questions with different answers. I don’t get it. Requests for proposals are exactly that. Someone (and that someone is usually a national […]