Poh Lin

Poh Lin

Executive Assistant

What are your responsibilities?

  • I answer enquiries from prospective clients and set up meetings with our CEO.

What education do you bring to your position?

  • I have a Bachelor of Psychology degree and Diploma Of Business

How do your strengths help you fulfill your duties?

  • My organizational skills and ability to communicate effectively, ensures I am providing optimal customer service.

What is your biggest passion as it relates to your role?

  • Customer service. 

What challenge(s) in your role do you enjoy most?

  • Engaging with a diverse range of people with differing needs.

In your spare time when you’re not fulfilling your duties, we’d find you:

  • Spending time with close friends and family, biking or walking the trails

Two Little Known Facts About You

    1. I was born in Malaysia, however raised in Australia

    2. I am a Reiki Master